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When you become a cam girl you will be spending most of your time online interacting with customers and thinking of ways how you can get new customers. It becomes a never ending cycle but it is the key to success of being a cam performer. In the cam girl community shiny object syndrome is

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Are you dreading updating your resume? Do you fear what an interviewer will ask about the huge gaps they’ve read? Are you completely freaked of what explanation you can give them? You are running out of story ideas you can give that makes you sound like a good candidate for the job that you’re not…

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I think I mentioned it before that my blog was put on hold due to medical reasons.  I am slowly in the progress of picking up where I left off with camgirl handbook and moving on to having it hosted on it own domain www.thecamgirlexpert.com

There was some small confusion with the email address to contact me for things related to camming and that has now been settled thecamgirlexpert@gmail.com is a good place to start.

I am currently working in 3 online businesses/projects so it can be a little confusing keeping track of things but I haven’t forgotten about you if you have sent me an email sicne this website has been created and sorry if I am responding to you now

I have set up a youtube channel just for this blog and I hope it will stay around for a long time. I still have my main channel minnieclips and now I have thecamgirlexpert

Now it’s been a long time since I have been on this blog for a lot reasons I just can’t explain, but well sort version is I have bipolar 2 disorder and I went through some serious obstacles battling it. All you need to know I was going through an extremely hard time in my life when I created this blog and things just happened.  I just want to let you know that I am back and things are getting to be stable again and it got me thinking that I should keep this blog alive as much as possible.  As I am noticing is has created a lot of value and it’s informative to a lot of people.

I went through the comments there was about 42 of them. A lot of them were spam or just didn’t relate to the blog post.

Now some of you may know that I have a blog called www.mycuteblackdress.com that is where I started to reappear.  I’m finally noticing my Youtube channel camgirlhandbook got deleted don’t know why or how and those videos are lost which is why some of the videos on here are no longer available too bad I didn’t keep copies of those videos. Which means I will have to make those videos again.  **Note to self always keep a back up copy of videos you create for online viewing.

Now some of you maybe wondering where to get in contact with me well if you have been following me twitter that name is now @girlshellyann but if you have been following it all along you are already on it.  my original youtube channel is minnieclips. I really hope nothing bad happens to it as it is a great resource for a lot of people.

There is a lot more I could say from what has happened in the last 5 years but it just too much to write in one single post.

Oh Yes my email address in case you need it is still camgirlhandbook @ gmail .com I finally got back into that one and I have another one camgirlbiz @ymail.com but my twitter is probably the easiest maybe.

So after some consideration and thought I have decided to move camgirlhandbook to blogger

It’s now called Camgirl Business Guide or camgirl biz guide for short. For the time being the url location is http://camgirlbizguide.blogspot.com also the email address to contact me (camgirlbiz @ymail.com) has changed as well.

gmail/youtube has giving me some problems which is why some of the videos are no longer available.

Follow me on twitter @camgirlbizguide

Lighting is your most important investment in becoming a camgirl. Without proper lighting you can really interfear with how much money you could make from your chatters. Another thing to consider putting in some money into would be a good computer system and also a webcam or video camera, but your most important of all would be a good lighting set up.  I am pretty annoyed with camgirls who email me asking how they can make more money and they are working in the dark or have a poor light set up. How do you expect to make money when your chatters can not see you? Setting up your light is not as hard as some people think, you do not need to hire anybody to set up your lighting for you this is something very simple you can do by yourself.

Even if you have a cheap poor quality webcam or a lower quality webcam of the popular webcam brands you  can set up your lighting so that you look flawless each time you click broadcast now.  Idealy you want enough light so that your the main focal point of your video stream.  Don’t assume you can use your daylight and think it’s enough for broadcasting. Natural light moves constantly and it will change the quality of your video stream, and it will end up being poor and in result have your chatters complaining there is something wrong wtih your camera when it’s actually your lighting, and if your chatters are complaining about what is going with your camera or lights they won’t be focused on buying time with you in private chat.  You also want to make sure your light is evenly distributed so that way you do not have a light burst of light sitting in one place.

You want to have a minimum of 400 watts of light, if you can go higher then that is better. I use 500 watts of lights from proffesional studio lights it didn’t cost me that much for them I spent around $200 for the cheaper proffesional light set up. There is basically 3 lighting options out there you can use depending on your budget. You can use regular spot light bulbs that are 100 watts each, and place four lighs around you. You can find these lights at any local lighting store. Try getting halogen bulbs because they are camera friendly.

 You could also find lamps out there that have movable lamp heads so that way you can have lights at different angels but still keep them in balance.  Remember you want them to see you not complain there is something wrong with your camera.

It’s harder to find florescent bulbs that produce enough light, and if you do end up getting fluorescent bulbs make sure they are all the same white light and the highest wattage  they produce. which is more expensive then halogen lights.  This option is probably the cost effective, but for it to effective for making money you need to make sure you have the highest wattage available that is compatible with the lamps and also make sure you have the right amout of lamps around you.

Worker lights they come in 250 watts and 500 watts, but you will need about 2 or 3 of them to have an effective light set up. They are pretty much sold all over the place, but if you really can’t find one a home reno place will have them. They already come with a halogen bulb be extremely careful when handling them if you touch them without wearing gloves or a cloth you can risk having the bulb explode when you turn it on. They come in different sizes the stand ones are probably best to use for your broadcasting.

Proffesional lights are your best investment for video chatting. You can pretty much get them in photography stores and online photography store websites. They come in a vereity of price ranges so you can buy proffesional lighting equipment on a nice modest budget.  I find this the most effective to use thenregular lighting beause of how smooth quality appear on the camera.  If you spend some time making sure you have the best lighting set up you can afford you will notice how much you can make in a few hours of broadcasting live.

I have also added a links to lighting tip websites of how to set up your lighting system so that way you have the best lighting. Setting up your lights properly is basically a simple system that pretty much everyone who broadcast live video follows for a higher quality of video stream. The theree point lighting system is the most common method to use for setting up lights for filming video or broadcasting video.  Once you get this techinque you can set up lighting for virtually anything you can find a perfect diagram for the three point lighting system here.

Warning:  These lights get very hot so make sure to adequately use caution when using lights indoors and close to anything that could be flammable. If lights get very hot, please use your better judgment and shut them off.

If you’re using a webcam such as Logitech, Microsoft, Creative etc. You want to make sure you have installed the drivers properly to your computer. If you’re using a mac you will have to figure out how to install your web cam to your mac.  Then once your cam is connect, either the webcam software will pop-up and it will show your cam connected. If you’re using a mac and your not able to use a webcam or video device on your mac to test your camera is connect you can go to the website www.testmycam.com.

The website www.testmycam.com is all good to make sure your computer and web cam is ready to use for broadcasting on your web cam site and to test out lighting and your microphone or you can log into your model log-in page for your web cam site and test it in there before you go live in your adult video chat room.  Another method of testing if your web cam is connected to your computer is by opening an instant messenger platform Skype, MSN, Yahoo whatever you have on your computer. You would go into the web cam settings or audio/video settings you do not need to chat with anyone to test your web cam unless you want to.

You always want to make sure you have a good video card installed in your computer. You should have determine this when your purchase your computer. If you do not have one you can get them installed easily.  Now if you’re using a video camera and you want to turn it into a video web cam there is a lot more options involved. If your not really interested in learning some technical stuff then getting a webcam is your best bet for now.

Connecting with a RCA cables is probably the simplest way to turn your video camera into a video webcam. Every video camera comes with RCA cables, because they are used to connect to so many things your VCR, Television, and even your computer. If your camera does not come with RCA cables then you want to look around to see if you can buy one that is compatible to your video camera.  The manufacture website usually has them, or look on eBay for it.  If you’re wondering what the RCA cables are they are the cables that are red, yellow and white. Picture on the left .

Connecting with a  S-Video cable is another easy way to connect your video camera to your computer. If your computer comes with an S-video port and your camera has an S-video cable you can connect your camera. I personally haven’t tried this myself I usually go with connecting with RCA cables. Your camera might not come with the S-video cable but they usually have them for sale on the manufacture website.  Picture on the right

There is many ways to connect using the RCA cables one of them being directly into the back of your desktop computer usually if they have the video capture card built in, or you can buy one and install it yourself. Osprey makes capture cards which are easy to find anywhere you might find others around. You plug in your RCA yellow cable into the capture card and it will recognize your video camera is plugged in. Another method if your not able to get a capture card installed or if your using a laptop you can buy an external one they are called usb video capture devices; Dazzle, Roxio and Diamond Multimedia make one. The video capture cards that go into your computer are also called tv-turners, but since they have made so many external video capture cards it might be easier to get an external one then an internal one.

Connecting with a fire wire cable is also pretty easy to connect with. You want to check out if your camera can connects with a fire wire cable some video camera do not have a fire wire option. Once you find that out you can use a fire wire cable to connect to your computer. Easily just make your computer supports it to connect using a fire wire.

Connecting with USB cable some video cameras come with a USB cable for the Sony HC-62 video camera the usb cable is the same cable that connects to blackberries So you might be in luck to try if it works for your blackberry and your video camera.  Apparently it’s an universal cable so you could save a bundle if you have one for more than one device. You can also connect your video camera to your computer using the usb cable as well if your usb cable is too short to reach your computer. You can also get USB extension cables usually these days usb cables are version 2.0 also keep in mind some video camera do not turn into a video webcam using the usb cable. I found out that the Sony Hc62 does not

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